Jenna McClure
Romance Writer
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About Jenna

Jenna McClure grew up in the urban south, but moved to Colorado to satisfy her desire for fresh air, mountains, lots of snow and wide open spaces.

She became a vegetarian in 2003 after seeing a graphic film about animal cruelty. A long-time romantic, she has been reading romance novels since her sister introduced them to her as a teenager. She finally decided to merge her love of animals and studly men into a romance novel. She has been writing for over seven years.

Jenna's favorite hobbies include digital photography, biking, hiking and an ongoing quest for her own novel-worthy hero. She daylights as a Project Manager for a software development company, but writes as much as she can.
She lives outside Denver with a gloriously goofy greyhound and two cats, one is deaf and the other extremely talkative, and all of which are named after some of her favorite fictional characters.

This is her first published novel, but she is currently at work on her second.

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